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Why is important to determine the correct size of compression hosiery? 

The maximum therapeutic effect from using the Assistica® compression hosiery can only be achieved if the product is properly sized. It is therefore very important to determine the correct size to ensure that the product will wrap tightly against the leg, thus providing the necessary support to the veins.

How to determine the size of compression hosiery?
  • The measurements must be taken in the morning before any swelling in the legs.
  • Measure the circumference (girth) of the anklebone, calf muscle below the knee, and the hip at its widest point. 
  • When selecting the size of the Assistica® compression hosiery, refer to the size charts
  • If your measurements fall into the middle of a size interval, the product will be at its most comfortable. 
  • If your measurements fall at the edge of a size interval or fall in different columns, you should pay attention to the following sizing information. 


Height and length of Assistica® compression products

Assistica® medical compression hosiery is produced in two height categories:

Select HEIGHT 1 if your height falls between 5'2" - 5'7" (158 - 170 cm)
Select HEIGHT 2 if you are between 5'7" - 6'0 (170 - 182 cm)

The length of the product for HEIGHT 5'2" - 5'7" (158 - 170 cm):
Socks (A-D) 14.0" – 17.3" (38 - 44 cm)
Stockings (A-G) 25.6" – 28.7" (65 - 73cm)

The length for HEIGHT 5'7" - 6'0 (170 - 182 cm):
socks (A-D) 17.7" - 19.7" (45 - 50 cm)
stockings (A-G) 29.1" - 32.3" (74 - 82 cm)

How many DENIER are the compression hosiery?

All Assistica® compression products of Class 1 are 90 Denier.

Tights, stockings and socks of Class 2 are 120 Denier.

Compression hosiery wearing guide
  • When putting on the compression hosiery, it is preferable to wear latex gloves in order to prevent fingernail damage to the elastic fibers. 
  • All toenails should be cut short and polished. 
  • The surface of all calluses and corns should be smooth and dry. 
  • Please do not pull at the top of the stocking, because that can cause it to tear.
  • Turn the stocking inside out and put it on your arm.
  • Put the foot into the toe of stocking and roll the stocking from your arm to the heel.
  • Then gently roll the remaining part of the stocking up your leg.
  • At the end, smooth out all the bumps and folds.
How to determine the size of scoliosis corset?
  • In order to choose the suitable size for the scoliosis corset, you need to measure both the size of your waist and your height.
  • When selecting the size, refer to the size chart.
  • If the size of your waist falls between two different sizes, you need to choose the larger size.
  • If your height and the size of your waist fall into different size categories on the table, the model will not suit your body.
How to determine the size of posture corrector?
  • In order to choose the suitable size for the posture corrector, you need to measure your chest circumference.
  • For men, measure the circumference of the chest below the pectoral muscles.
  • For women, measure the circumference of the chest under the breasts.
  • When selecting the size, refer to the size chart.
  • If the size of your waist falls between two different sizes, you need to choose the larger size.
  • The posture corrector in the appropriate size should not rub the armpits, constrict the chest too tightly, cut the skin or cause any painful sensations.
How do you put on the posture corrector?
  • Wear the straps on the shoulders.
  • Pull the belt around the waist (or chest) and secure in the front with the Velcro straps.
  • Move the soft cushions with the straps so that they are under the arms.
  • Choose a comfortable position in which the straps slightly pull the shoulders back.
Which posture corrector should not be chosen?
  • Do not choose a corrector that is not your size, even if you really like that particular model.
  • A corrector that is too small will only aggravate back problems.
  • One that is too big will not have a corrective influence.

Still not convinced? Free to contact us with queries. 

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